Super Banana Smoothie

Did you know that I have my Masters…in trickery for hiding better-for-you foods in my every day dishes? Well, now you do.

Getting my family and friends to eat healthier isn’t just about eating all vegetables and no sugar, that would be horrible! It’s about buying food that is made well. It is SO important to read the labels on your food, I mean even some vegetables these days are brushed with a food grade wax to preserve their skin, no thanks, just give me an apple off the tree.

One of my favorite ways of tricking everyone is by using my Vitamix. From making pancakes to soup and everything in-between, this blender is a miracle worker. My son loves to eat, but he doesn’t always eat the kind of food his body needs, so I trick him in getting extra nutritious food by mixing them in to things he likes. So today I figured I would share one of his favorites, my Super Banana Smoothie recipe. This smoothie is awesome because it tastes like bananas, but it is packed with hidden protein!  I use Siggi’s Filmjolk as the base and if you have never tried Filmjolk (or anything that Siggi’s makes) you are missing out. Filmjolk is a drinkable yogurt with 1 billion probiotics a serving and tastes delicious. My secret smoothie ingredient? Chia seeds. You have to try this super seed and don’t worry, you won’t spout leaves like those terra-cotta pets from the 80’s, chia is packed with iron and fiber and you only need a little to go a long way. Top it off with spinach and you have got yourself a power smoothie. Give it a try and see if you can trick your family too!




Super Banana Smoothie

Serves 2

5 Weight Watchers Smart Points (per serving)


2 cups of Siggi’s Vanilla Filmjolk

2 handfuls of spinach

2 teaspoons of chia

2 frozen bananas (if you don’t have frozen, use regular and add a handful of ice to the recipe.)


Throw it all in the Vitamix, blend and enjoy!

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