Thankful Little Dipper Pots

A couple of weeks ago, I had the honor of attending the baby shower of my best friend, Courtney. As you know, I love to craft, so I was pretty excited when she allowed me to help with some of the finishing touches for the big day. The day was fantastic, good times, great gifts and lots of laughs and love for our new baby boy. Something else pretty rad? The favors. Now, even though I physically put the favors together, I cannot take credit for this amazing idea, that goes 100% to my friend’s crafty mother, Regina. These favors are adorable, super tasty and an awesome thank you gift for any occasion. Since Thanksgiving is just a couple of days away, I thought what could be a better way of thanking your guests, family and friends with a little gift for helping you survive another year. I mean, the only thing better than a thank you, is a treat to go along with it, am I right?! The best part? They are so simple to put together! So, don’t fret, you will have these done with enough time to bake your secret family pie recipe in time for turkey day!



Thankful Little Dipper Pots

What you need:

Small Glass Mason Jars (half pint aka the short and fat ones)

Carmel Sauce (recipe below)


Plastic Bags


Thank You Tags or Stickers

First off, let’s make that sauce! Now, you could make any kind of dipping sauce your little heart desires, you could even put pre-made dip in that jar! No one would know. But since I have to stay corn free, pretty much everything I make is from scratch. Also, you should make the dip in advance and store it in a cool place (like the fridge or garage) until you are ready to put the whole favor together, it will save you time in the long run.

What you need:

1 cup of granulated sugar

1/4 cup of water

1/2 cup of whipping cream

Himalayan sea salt


If you have a sweet tooth: pretzels, nuts or chocolate candies (crushed)

If you are feeling saucy: a tablespoon or two of you favorite liquor (think bourbon)

Cooking Directions:

In a large saucepan, bring sugar & water to a boil and continue to let boil for about 10 minutes, you want the sauce to get that sweet caramel color that we all love. Whisk until sugar has dissolved. In fact, don’t stop whisking and don’t leave the stove. This mix will burn and nobody wants burnt caramel! It’s only 10 minutes of your life, so no complaining! Once the color has come, reduce the heat to low. BE CAREFUL and add the cream (and bourbon if you would like.) It’s going to bubble, so don’t be scared. Grind in a little bit of sea salt. Don’t forget to keep whisking. The sauce will thicken as it cools, but let it boil for about a minute more for extra thickness before removing from the stove. While the sauce is still hot, transfer to the glass mason jars. Allow sauce to cool uncovered at room temperature. Before it is completely stiff, add some toppings. A grind of sea salt, crushed pretzels and chocolates, or you can even buy those cute Thanksgiving shaped sprinkles to top the dip off. Once cool, cover with lid and store until ready to craft.

Crafting Directions:

In a small plastic favor bag, stack the jar of dip and then an apple. Tie off with some twine and attach your thank you tag. Your guests will love you forever. Be sure to remind them that they can microwave the dip to get it soft when they are about to dive in with their apple sliced up (or even a spoon) no judgement here.

I personally want to thank and wish all of my followers a wonderful Thanksgiving! Let me know if you try this DIY and how it turns out!

Enjoy, Superstars,

Livy Love

PS You can find all of these items (and more) at Target!

Papa Ganache Gets Two (Vegan and Gluten-Free) Thumbs Up

Magical Gluten Free & Vegan Unicorn Cake

In a house full of intolerances and allergies, it’s never fun to start a new regiment. Right now, we are on a strict elimination diet for my 3-year-old son of gluten and casein, which is the protein found in mammals’ milk, (think no dairy and more.) I know, how could one survive? No cupcakes, sandwiches, pizza?! Especially in a pre-school state of mind, in which all of these items are staples for birthday and holiday parties. I have found patience helps but finding great alternatives to your favorite foods is the key. Easy recipes are great and finding products in the store are awesome, but the best thing you can find is an establishment, that you can trust, to make something that can save you time, trouble, and of course, provide you with a tasty treat that won’t make you sick. I am happy to say, that yesterday I found just this. Papa Ganache in Matawan, NJ.

I had heard about this bakery and have been wanting to get over there for a while. When I walked in, I couldn’t get over how adorable the place was. The walls are decorated with baking tins and hand-written menus and just below are cases filled with an unbelievable selection of stunning pastries. All of Papa Ganache’s products are vegan, certified Kosher and most can be made gluten free as well. Right now, everything is baked in small batches in the bakery, but they are working on becoming certified gluten free by baking in a separate facility in order to make sure there is no cross contamination. Not only do I admire this bakery because they strive to make it easier for everyone to enjoy food, but for the fact that they create yummy edible works of art. I know firsthand, eating restrictively can make you feel different, which is especially hard for young children, like my son. Of course, I can send in a gluten & casein free snack to school when his friends are having parties, but it’s not the same as enjoying a cupcake with the rest of the class. When you have enough things going on to make you feel different, anything to make you feel more comfortable in a crowd is a big plus in my book. So having these beautiful pastries as an option for my son to enjoy, makes me a happy mom.

Papa Ganache is constantly creating new recipes and ideas, so I suggest you stop by and check it out for yourself at 106 Main St, Matawan, NJ 07747 or visit their website

Super Banana Smoothie

Did you know that I have my Masters…in trickery for hiding better-for-you foods in my every day dishes? Well, now you do.

Getting my family and friends to eat healthier isn’t just about eating all vegetables and no sugar, that would be horrible! It’s about buying food that is made well. It is SO important to read the labels on your food, I mean even some vegetables these days are brushed with a food grade wax to preserve their skin, no thanks, just give me an apple off the tree.

One of my favorite ways of tricking everyone is by using my Vitamix. From making pancakes to soup and everything in-between, this blender is a miracle worker. My son loves to eat, but he doesn’t always eat the kind of food his body needs, so I trick him in getting extra nutritious food by mixing them in to things he likes. So today I figured I would share one of his favorites, my Super Banana Smoothie recipe. This smoothie is awesome because it tastes like bananas, but it is packed with hidden protein!  I use Siggi’s Filmjolk as the base and if you have never tried Filmjolk (or anything that Siggi’s makes) you are missing out. Filmjolk is a drinkable yogurt with 1 billion probiotics a serving and tastes delicious. My secret smoothie ingredient? Chia seeds. You have to try this super seed and don’t worry, you won’t spout leaves like those terra-cotta pets from the 80’s, chia is packed with iron and fiber and you only need a little to go a long way. Top it off with spinach and you have got yourself a power smoothie. Give it a try and see if you can trick your family too!




Super Banana Smoothie

Serves 2

5 Weight Watchers Smart Points (per serving)


2 cups of Siggi’s Vanilla Filmjolk

2 handfuls of spinach

2 teaspoons of chia

2 frozen bananas (if you don’t have frozen, use regular and add a handful of ice to the recipe.)


Throw it all in the Vitamix, blend and enjoy!

The Posh Life

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