Bigger Than My Body Gives Me Credit For

Welcome to my wonderful journey. You have made it! And finally, so have I!

I bought this website on my 29th birthday with hopes and aspirations that I could put some of the mumble jumble thoughts in my brain down on to “paper” so people like me could share my experiences, I wasn’t sure why, I just had to do it. I felt as if I had this calling (corny I know) I had so much ambition, but I wasn’t sure for what. Then something happened, life. 1,000 ideas written on the back of empty envelopes and one month later, I was pregnant. I thought to myself, no time to write to an audience of no one, I have to start taking better care of myself and get ready for my new addition. So I put my “calling” on hold.

Many things have happened since then, even another baby! But I am always left wondering, why can’t I still go on this adventure? With two kids, I am busy, but when I think back, I have always been busy, involving myself in a plethora of things all at one time and constantly having something going on, so really nothing has changed, just that I have two kiddies banging on the door of the bathroom if I am in there for more then 10 seconds. Ask any anyone who knows me, I’m all over the place, leaving them, and myself included, questioning why I am doing any of it. For years I just feel a need to constantly be busy and never sit idle, of course that leaves me with many projects undone (like this blog for example) and not to mention a very messy house, but I have realized, the answer is simple, I love to live.

I love to explore and take in new experiences, you know, get out and smell the air. If that means my laundry won’t be done today, then so be it, I think I have enough clothes to last me until next week if need be. Trying new things means bringing new ideas in to your life and I think that makes my life more fulfilled. I mean, you could listen to your favorite album 1000 times, know every word word by heart, but nothing beats the thrill of hearing your favorite artist play it live for you in person, right?

So wherever this blog takes us, even if just one person is motivated to try something new and explore life, I would be happy. Believe me, it’s pretty awesome to get out of the box.

I am ready to start my new adventure, are you?

Livy Love