My New Year’s Life Improvements

Happy New Year Superstars!

My first post of 2018, where has the time gone? I wanted to wait a little before posting this year since our social media feeds were filled with New Year’s resolutions. Now that those posts have died down and possibly some resolutions as well (just kidding, I believe in you), I am happy to report that I have been working on mine (another reason for lack of posting) and I hope you are too! This year instead of taking the “big resolution” route, the one destined for failure, like run 5 miles a day when I haven’t worked out since last June, I have decided to make a few tiny, let’s call them, “life improvements” to strive for this time around. My first improvement is to be more present with my children.

Since I am home right now, I am with my kids a lot and the small amount of time that I don’t spend with them, I am usually thinking and planning things for them, but for a while, I found myself running through my house, picking up their toys and doing things for them without even stopping and giving my time to play and explore with them. I was actually missing them turn in to little people, it’s quite depressing if you think about it. I cringe whenever I hear a child, including my own, ask someone to play with them and while that person is in the exact room with the child, they sit on their phone or become distracted by something else not even realizing that they aren’t playing with the child at all, they are just there. Now, I am a firm believer in taking time to yourself and enjoying being kid free as often as allotted, but when you have time with your kids, use it wisely. They are always watching you and even though they can’t communicate as well as us adults yet, they retain everything. So watch yourself around these sponges and I am not talking about bad language because we all slip every once in a while, I am actually talking about how you present yourself, what you are doing with your body and most importantly how you are acting towards others and especially your children.

Listen, when you have got to get shiz done, then do it, let them play with their massive pile of toys, or put on the tv, hand over the iPad, do whatever trick you have and get your life in order and organized (is this a hint to another “life improvement”, I think so…) and then get back to your kids, they only stay little for a short time and you should embrace every moment you can. Want to hear a trick I learned in my short 4 years of being a mom? You can make anything a game and little ones will not only be hooked but they will be learning without even knowing it. Currently I am teaching my son how to fold clothes and he thinks it’s awesome, helping around the house and learning new skills, check and check! So, whether you are home all day or only get to spend an hour with your kids before bedtime, utilize it!  That time with your children should be more important to you than anything.

Joy Cho, who is the founder of the amazing blog, Oh Joy, and awesome designer behind some of the best & most colorful Target home decor, challenged her readers this New Year to stop thinking about what we want to fix and just reflect on something we love about ourselves. I think this is an excellent exercise because coincidentally enough, it ties right in with my first improvement. Regardless of the mistakes I have made in parenting, what I love the most about myself is that I am a GREAT mom. If you’re not a mother yet, you might think that’s easy to say, but I assure you, at least for me, it’s not something that falls out of my mouth quite easily. You see, it’s not really if you are a great mom (though it is a prerequisite), it’s actually if you believe you are a great mom. Once you have a baby, anyone from your favorite relative to a complete stranger will offer you “advice” on parenting. Critiques and words can be very strong and constantly make you question if you are truly doing the right thing for your child. One of your many jobs as a mom is to take what they say, apply it to your life (or not), and yet still be sure enough with yourself that you are doing the right thing. Interacting with your children not only helps you learn about them, but teaches you about yourself as well. Even though I am speaking specifically as a mom, this applies to everyone, dads, grandparents, aunts, uncles or any close friend, children need positive influences in their lives and so do we, so take the time to know your “little” loved ones this year and see what you find out about yourself. I have been blessed to have an awesome support system to help raise my children and I hope that you do as well or at least are a part of one. We all have priorities, put your kids at the top of that list. And to all of my readers who are mothers already, WE are GREAT moms! Surround yourself with positivity and embrace that #MomLife ladies, because even though our “mom” title remains forever, “little” children do not. 

Be well to yourself and others,


PS What do you love about yourself? Take the #OhJoyLoveYourself challenge and let me know too!


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