Papa Ganache Gets Two (Vegan and Gluten-Free) Thumbs Up

Magical Gluten Free & Vegan Unicorn Cake

In a house full of intolerances and allergies, it’s never fun to start a new regiment. Right now, we are on a strict elimination diet for my 3-year-old son of gluten and casein, which is the protein found in mammals’ milk, (think no dairy and more.) I know, how could one survive? No cupcakes, sandwiches, pizza?! Especially in a pre-school state of mind, in which all of these items are staples for birthday and holiday parties. I have found patience helps but finding great alternatives to your favorite foods is the key. Easy recipes are great and finding products in the store are awesome, but the best thing you can find is an establishment, that you can trust, to make something that can save you time, trouble, and of course, provide you with a tasty treat that won’t make you sick. I am happy to say, that yesterday I found just this. Papa Ganache in Matawan, NJ.

I had heard about this bakery and have been wanting to get over there for a while. When I walked in, I couldn’t get over how adorable the place was. The walls are decorated with baking tins and hand-written menus and just below are cases filled with an unbelievable selection of stunning pastries. All of Papa Ganache’s products are vegan, certified Kosher and most can be made gluten free as well. Right now, everything is baked in small batches in the bakery, but they are working on becoming certified gluten free by baking in a separate facility in order to make sure there is no cross contamination. Not only do I admire this bakery because they strive to make it easier for everyone to enjoy food, but for the fact that they create yummy edible works of art. I know firsthand, eating restrictively can make you feel different, which is especially hard for young children, like my son. Of course, I can send in a gluten & casein free snack to school when his friends are having parties, but it’s not the same as enjoying a cupcake with the rest of the class. When you have enough things going on to make you feel different, anything to make you feel more comfortable in a crowd is a big plus in my book. So having these beautiful pastries as an option for my son to enjoy, makes me a happy mom.

Papa Ganache is constantly creating new recipes and ideas, so I suggest you stop by and check it out for yourself at 106 Main St, Matawan, NJ 07747 or visit their website

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